About Us


Who We Are

At D3, we approach every project with a well-organized, strategic plan and work closely with clients to create a concept design for the desired training. We create custom business development solutions and training tools to help with business productivity, employee training, compliance training, and numerous other solutions, all tailored to your specific business needs.


Our Approach

We believe in a unique and customized experience for each and every client. D3 Training Solutions is a WBE (Woman-Owned Business) based in Oklahoma that provides custom e-learning development to corporations, non-profits, and government agencies in the United States and Canada. We will assist developers in troubleshooting issues with previously developed courses. Our senior developer has been in the training industry for over 27 years and has earned the Certified Online Training Professionals (ICCOTP) certificate.  Our history started in delivering classroom training, moved into design and development, and evolved into technology and eLearning.


Our Partners

We partner with many eLearning industry companies and leaders to improve the services and solutions offered to their clients. These strategic partnerships allow us to develop, integrate, implement, and support eLearning solutions precisely tailored to individual customer requirements.